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    Proven Security Experts

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    2012 Security Hardware

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  • "I'm Locked Out!"
  • Replace Broken or Lost Keys
  • Fix Broken Lock
  • Open the Car Trunk
  • Change Door Locks
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  • High Security Locks and Keys
  • Master Key Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Exit Devices and Panic Bars
  • CCTV and Security Cameras
Commercial Services


  • Install or Change Door Locks
  • Re-Key Locks
  • Make House Keys
  • High Security Locks for Homes
  • Door and Gate Hardware
Residential Services


  • Make New Car Keys
  • High Security Car Keys
  • VAT and Transponder Keys
  • Install or Repair Ignition Switch
  • Replace Car Door Locks
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Residential Locksmith Services

Trust in Your Home Security Gatekeeper

They say if your home gets burglarized you feel like you’ve been violated. And if anyone in your family gets injured because your home was not secure, you never forgive yourself. That’s why you want total control over who enters your home and what they can do when they’re inside.

That doesn’t just go for people with malicious intent. Maybe you have items, like weapons, you need to keep secure from your family, or you have contractors or other people at your doorstep and in your home that you just don’t know.

Your concern should even extend to the person who supplies and installs your security, from locks and keys to safes and surveillance equipment. You want to be able to trust them to behave with integrity while they protect your family, property and possessions, the gatekeeper for your home security.

That’s why, every day, homeowners throughout the country call in Locksmith Magic, the professional security company that’s built an unrivalled reputation for reliability and service, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With our round-the-clock service, our licensed, insured and fully-trained lock technicians can be on your doorstep promptly to tackle most any job, including lock-changing, lockout rescues and all manner of security installations.

Residential customers who choose Locksmith Magic join a growing community of clients, ranging from stranded car-owners to high security military bases, who put their trust in us to make things safe and right for them. Here’s why:

  • We not only hand-pick and custom train our locksmiths and security technicians; we also regularly update that training, test them and check on their credentials and the service they give our customers.
  • Security experts answer our phones when you call us, so they’ll likely know instantly what your problem is and how best to solve it. They’ll send someone immediately if it’s an emergency or schedule a visit at a time to suit you.
  • No one can beat the depth of our experience and expertise. We’ve tackled most lock-related jobs, including the ones other companies either wouldn’t go near or couldn’t solve.
  • We stock all kinds of locks, door furniture and security fittings.
  • We have superbly-equipped mobile units and static workshops capable of tackling the most complex locking systems, from heavy-duty safes to sophisticated electronics.
  • We’re on call 24/7, offer outstanding value for money, and we work flat out to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the job. That’s our 100% guarantee.

Here is just a sampling of the residential locksmith services we provide.

Residential Locksmith Services for the Home, Apartment & Condo

  • Emergency Lockout Service
  • Lock Change, Lock Replacement, Installation and Maintenance
  • Re-Key Lock Service
  • Key Duplication and Key Cutting
  • Residential Master Key Services
  • Residential Access Control Systems
  • Advanced and High Security Locks
  • Specialized Residential Door and Gate Hardware
  • Automatic and Remote Control Door Locks
  • Home Security Consulatation Services

Emergency Lock Out Assistance

Perhaps your spouse went out of town and took both sets of keys by mistake, or your auto-locking dead-bolted door slammed shut when you went outside, or your renter changed the locks and did a moonlight flit so you can’t get access. Whatever the reason you get locked out of your property, we’ll turn out at any time and get you back in, without a fuss.

Lock Supply, Installation and Maintenance

You want to have locks on previously unsecured doors and gates, you’re building a new home, or maybe that lock on your safe or front door is just getting stiff and ornery to open. When you need a new lock installed, wherever it is and on whatever type of door, we’ll have exactly the right device from a padlock or deadbolt to a lever lock or keypad.

If you want to fit a lock yourself, we can simply supply it from our huge range. Or if you want someone to just check a lock to improve its performance or advise on its replacement, we’ll do that too.

Lock Replacement

There can be all sorts of reasons why you want to change your locks, from lost keys to changes in who can have access to the property – perhaps if your domestic circumstances change, you’ve just newly moved in or you got rid of untrustworthy renters. Or perhaps the existing locks just rusted away. You can call Locksmith Magic at any time. We’ll bring the locks and promptly install them so your home security is never compromised.

Lock Rekeying

Sometimes it can be cheaper and faster to rekey existing locks rather than replace them, especially with pricey deadbolts and entry system locks. Rekeying involves removing the lock cylinder, changing the internal mechanism and supplying new keys. Count of our fully-trained technicians to do this quickly and expertly.

Master Key Services

If you own multiple properties – like condos and apartments – simplify your security with one key to unlock them all, a master key. You might even have a preference or need for a single key to open multiple locks inside just one property. We can change out the locks and supply both the master key and the individual ones for each lock.

Advanced Technology

From digital keypads to the most advanced electronic, biometric equipment, Locksmith Magic works at the leading edge of high technology entry systems. We can supply and install existing manufactured systems or custom-build a unique solution for your home or other residential properties. If there’s already a system in place, we can review and recommend on its suitability and, if necessary, perform an overhaul.

Ornamental Locks

Just because they keep you safe and secure, locks don’t have to be plain or even ugly, especially when they’re on show or part of a handsome door. We supply and install from one of the widest ranges of ornamental locks available.

Door and Gate Hardware

From handles and facings to latches and ornamental hinges, we have exactly the hardware you need to combine good looks with precise functionality. We also supply and install kick and push plates, strike plates, interlocking plates and wraparound plate hardware.

Window Locks

Window security is every bit as important as a good door locking system. In some ways, insecure windows are even more vulnerable than doors, especially when they’re not visible from the street. We have the solution – a great range of window and sliding door locks that will provide the security you need.

Safety Chains, Peep-Holes and Surveillance Equipment

Knowing who’s outside your door before you let them in is the first line of home security defense. We let you do that through numerous devices and systems, from a simple sliding chain that enables the door to be safely opened just a few inches, through magnifying micro peep-holes that let you invisibly inspect your would-be visitor, to closed-circuit cameras linked to a video monitor.


Residential safes do far more than protect your cash and valuables from theft. You may need one to safely store weapons or simply safeguard precious family heirlooms and important documents. You may also need to protect against fire and flood damage. But the best safes are only as good as the quality of their installation, which is why our locksmiths and technicians are trained to the highest standards.

Remember too that if you have a problem with the locking mechanism on your existing safe, Locksmith Magic are the people to call. We’ll solve the problem fast!

Locking Mailboxes

Most of your security needs relate to the inside of your property or home but don’t overlook the vulnerability of your presence on the street – your mailbox. Thieves don’t just want to steal your mail; they also may be looking for information about you that they can use for identity theft, which can cost you both a financial fortune and your reputation for creditworthiness.

We supply and install boxes that auto-lock once the mail has been placed inside, keeping it safe and secure until you retrieve it.

Automatic and Remote Control Door Openers

This range of products and services includes installation, maintenance and repair of garage door openers, replacement of control units, and automatic systems for opening other gates and doors, for instance where the user is prevented from manually opening a door, perhaps because they’re wheelchair-bound or otherwise physically handicapped.

Consultation Services

If you want to know the best security system for your home from upgrading existing locks to specifying a total security system, we do that.

This is a wise precaution at any time, but especially when you’re concerned about burglary reports in your neighborhood.

We’ll send a security expert to your home to conduct a full survey, answer your questions and make recommendations and explain options that meet your needs.

Even if you just have a simple inquiry or the service you’re seeking isn’t described in this list, all you have to do is pick up a phone now and call Locksmith Magic. We’ll protect you.